Workshops are up!

I’m very pleased to announce that the workshops are now up and available on the website!

We have some fabulous workshops hapening – from Anniken Allis, Susan Crawford, Lottie Jackson, Daniela Kloppmann and Amanda Perkins!

I’m really excited about the day, and am confident we’re all going to have a wonderful time, with the mix of hugely talented tutors and exhibitors!

I’m also happy to say that p/hop will be there, and we’ll organise some fabulously fun ways to raise some money for this wonderful charity!
The latest list if Exhibitors is up on the website, and here:

Anne Kingstone Designs

Arbour House

Brownberry Yarns
Easy Knits
Felt Studio UK
First 4 Yarns / Sew Handmade
H W Hammond
Hedgehog Equipment
High Fibre
Ida’s House
Krafty Koala
Natural Dye Studio
Textile Garden
The Bothered Owl
The Herdy Company
The Knitting Goddess
Thread of Life
Yarn Addict
Yarn To Knit

Hope all is well with everyone, I look forward to seeing you on 30th october!


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