Holidays (kind of)

I am on a kind of holiday – I am helping to run a youth drama project, that is taking a performance to Greenbelt.

I have set up a temporary office, but as a result of the combination of my computer playing silly-buggers and the timetable being hectic, I’m not having as much time to work as I originally thought.

From tomorrow (Friday 27th) to Wednesday 1st September, we will be at the festival , so will have practically no time (or electricity supply!) available to work.

I have my mobile with me, so please do phone if you need to know something urgently, but otherwise, I will catch up with everything next week.

I managed to do some work on Tuesday, including a phone call to the wonderful designer Erika Knight, who has kindly agreed to give a talk at Fibre Flurry! Tickets will be highly limited, and will be released next week on my return back home!

If you’re local to Cheltenham, please come see us, The Leaveners, perform in teh G-Source tent on Friday at about 8:25 pm (We’re joing the QPSW (Quaker Peace and Social Witness) time slot)

Otherwise, see you all next week, take care.


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