Fibre Flurry Frolick

The Frolick* is part of the weekend that I’m really looking forward to. My lovely friends pointed out that I haven’t really explained what it is online, so I thought I’d take the opportunity now!

The evening of 26th October will be spent in the lovely atmosphere of Urban Flavours – the college’s on site restaurant – where there will also be space to change and freshen up if you’d like. (I’m taking the opportunity to put on the prettiest dress I can find, but whatever makes you feel great is the best option!)

urban flavours

The evening will start off with some time to relax and unwind from the day of workshops and shopping (and of course knit/crochet) and enjoy a lovely drink from the bar.

Following this, we will have the pleasure of seeing and listening to Amy Singer’s talk about the founding of (I’ve been to this talk, and it was really interesting!) Everyone will have a chance to ask any questions they have for Amy, and there may well be some brilliant surprises!

We will then enjoy a fantastic 3 course meal (menu choices here soon, but we are working on getting a great selection, and of course they will be able to cater to varying diets!) with talks from p-hop and qehbc interspersed. The food is all professionally cooked and served (Best to clarify, as we’re at a college!)

The reason we’re having talks from the two charities we are supporting this year is two-fold, one of course is to raise awareness and find out more about them, but it’s also because we are donating all the profits from the evening to the two charities. So as well as spending the evening with lovely people, eating lovely food and seeing lovely things, you’re also supporting charity! (win-win I’d say!)

After dinner, you can enjoy coffee (or alternative beverage of your choice!) whilst listening to the wonderful voice of Halo Haynes – one of the midlands great up and coming musicians.

As well as the lovely food, a great selection of entertainment and great music, there will also be competitions and a raffle with prizes including a namaste bag, a fabulous custom knitted shawl and other lovely things.

As part of the evening, you will also receive a ‘goody bag’ – a custom-made, exclusive project bag full of a kit of useful things for knitters and crocheters – beads, needles and hooks, buttons, threads, patterns and discount vouchers to name just a few.

There are of course limited places to attend the Frolick, but I hope to share this lovely evening and all the splendour it will contain with you!

Do you want to know any more? Just ask!

You can buy tickets for the Frolick, which are £45, here:

* Yes, I spelt Frolick wrong – it should be Frolic, but that just doesn’t look right to me, so I decided that I’d use my own spelling! It’s causing chaos with spellcheckers, but ho hum! :~)


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