Whose behind Fibre Flurry?

That ‘s me – Mikayla!

(With help from some wonderful friends too!)

I’ve been knitting on and off for over 20 years  after being taught by my wonderful Nanan.  I started knitting seriously again 7 years ago after being given yarn, needles and a copy of Stitch and Bitch  by Debbie Stoller for Christmas. After that I discovered Ravelry, got involved in some events and Fibre Flurry was born!

The Potted History of Fibre Flurry…

2010 was the start of Fibre Flurry, when I decided to organise a fibre based event in the midlands, full of independent dyers, designers and producers from around the UK.

We had a fantastic first year, with a building full of the wonderful producers I wanted to attend.

We followed this with a great event in 2011 with amazing new producers and designers attending too. 2013 will be on 26th and 27th October at the fabulous new Bournville College! SIgn up to our newsletter here for more info.

After the success of the event in 2010, I was offered space in St Nicolas Place for a yarn shop – and I of course jumped at the opportunity! We closed in March 2012, after deciding to concentrate on other areas.

We have exciting event plans for retreats, events, talks and more!


If you’d like to get in touch about anything, please email info(AT)fibreflurry.co.uk  or visit the website: http://www.fibreflurry.co.uk


What do you think?

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